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Les Versions/Updates

Update0 :

The update0 versions are the older versions with Blender engine, one day they will be in update1 or higher.
There is very little control and options in these simulations.

Update1 :

The majority of simulations on the website are update1 version, which offers the following options:
- Game in urban place
- Simple menu of graphics and options
- Statistics of attraction on the screen
- Day/Night mode
- light in 3D
- 4 auto-light animations
- 4 custom sounds of user
- Jingles included
- Panel in HQ
- 6 views, 1 Onride and 1 view in the cashbox
- Smoke Machine
- Moonlight
- Strobe

Update2 :

Update2 versions are the most recent simulations :
- Added "Vertical Sync", "Antialiasing", "Show/Hide statistics attraction and secondary shadows"
- Added panel "Graphics"
- Added panel "List of key/command" (return key)
- Buttons improved
- Adding an identity picture on the launcher
- Two new animations of light ( 6 )
- Adding a flare on the sun
- Control of attraction and launch jingles with the panel
- Possibility to change your position in the attraction (3 views Onride )
- Day sounds refined
- Added "infinite" horizon and expansion of urban neighborhood for high simulations
- Ability to turn on the light in day
- Lighting of buildings in the night
- Optimization of polygons, lights and shadows
- Adding elements in place and markings on the road/parking are redesigned
- 3D artificial of buildings refined

Update3 :

Available in Update3 with previous elements :
- Playing simulations in background
- New moonlight flower (multiobjects)
- Add 2 leds animations (stroboscopiques - 8)
- Skybox more realisic
- Smoke more realisic
- Mobile cam on OnRide views
- Possible to play your jingles (like musics)
- Upload your musics and jingles in-game with menu
- Play music in the cashbox
- Add environment elements
- Custom quality option (Y)
- Upload your decoration for the ride in-game -Megarides-

Update4 :

Available in Update4 with previous elements :
- Tickets manager system
- Display the current price
- Display the total money won
- Adding characters
- Display number of person onride
- New jingle panel
- Volume control via the new panel
- 5 different voice sounds
- New menu, all in one
- Possible to disabled characters
- Adding simple scene option in the menu
- Adding customers option in the menu
- Adding rollerblind on cashbox

- New quick menu ( Megaride )
- Custom function ( Megaride )
- TimeScale function ( Megaride )
- Now, interactive elements blinks ( Megaride )
- Move the free view only with arrow keys (8) ( Megaride )
- 8 products on the custom menu ( Megaride )
- Adding AutoSave for the money, the price, custom mode and color manager ( Megaride )

- Publié le 26/01/2015 -