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1)- When I play the simulation is not fluid or not moving properly, how to fix it ?
2)- How the OnRide views work ?
3)- Why the simulation crash or is uncontrollable in the launch or after several minutes ?
4)- How to use the control panel ?
5)- Why i haven't got Music folder / the sounds don't works ?


1)- I don't have textures on my ride during game, why ?
2)- How to build up the ride ?
3)- How to customize my ride ?
4)- How to use the orbital view ?


1)- I wish to pay by credit card, how do it ?
2)- I have not received a code after payment, what to do ?
3)- My free code does not work, why ?
4)- My code is wrong but I have perfectly noted it. What can i do ?


1)- My problem is not in the FAQ, what to do ?
2)- Error message "There should be 'NameX_Data' folder next to the executable"
3)- I can't open / unzip the file that I downloaded, how do it?
4)- What are the system requirements ?
5)- How to buy products ?
6)- How to see / retrieve a purchase codes ?
7)- I have not received my loyalty gift / MiniGames
8)- I forgot my ids
9)- I've lost my products, how to recover them ?
10)- How to update my products ?