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Configuration minimale requise : Configuration recommandée :
- Windows 7, 8, 10, XP - Windows 7, 8, 10, XP
- Processeur dual core 2.3 GHz - Processeur quad core 3.1 Ghz
- 4 Go de RAM - 8 Go de RAM
- NVidia Geforce GTS 450 - NVidia Geforce GTX


All purchases on the website "" will be considered full acceptance of this document and its content.

I- Responsibilities :

The buyer undertakes before or after all purchases to consult these general conditions of sale and purchase, to verify the performance of the equipment is satisfactory, it has the recommended Operating System (Windows) and softwares and plugins of its equipment are up to date to avoid any problems during the game.

Ride-Control can not be held responsible for any problems related to potential causes mentioned above.
Ride-Control disclaims any liability concerning the incompatibility of its products with the hardware of the buyer whether private or professional.

II- Purchase and price

A purchase provides access to a unique download.
Purchases are made at fixed prices, decision of the seller (RideControl) and under the terms established between the HipayMobile company and its customers..

Ride-Control is not responsible for rising rates revised by the operators or HipayMobile.

Prices are free to change at any time without notice.

Any disputes on payments or not receiving code must be handled directly with the company HipayMobile.
Ride-Control has no legal authority on the procedures for refunds but only managing its own products and management codes via free society HipayMobile.

Free distributed by Ride-Control codes are promotional and / or casual.

III- After sales service

The buyer agrees before or after the purchase to read the FAQ on the site of Ride-Control to find solutions to problems already known.

The buyer have the responsibility of the backup purchases and agrees to save them on external support to prevent loss of product.
All purchases codes are available in the dedicated section on the account of each customer and are mandatory for all help about a Ride-Control product.

The buyer can recover all his products purchased since the 08/05/2015 on the page My Purchases.
This service is free and unlimited in time but limited to 2 downloads by months by simulations (Gifts excluded).

Ride-Control is committed to respond by the support to all problems that are not already addressed in the FAQ website « » .
In the opposite case, Ride-Control is free to not respond.

By validating a purchase, the buyer is aware that no refund is possible.
Only an exchange of equivalent value and presentation of HipayMobile code is still valid possible, subject to acceptance of Ride-Control and acceptable reasons.

IV- Products

The entire contents sold on this site are the property of his or her designers / developers and are protected by the law of intellectual property.
Ride-Control is free to withdraw from sale at any time and without notice.

Any reproduction, distribution or resale is prohibited.
Offenders are liable to prosecution.

V- Loyalty system

As part of its e-commerce business, Ride-Control offers to buyers a loyalty account based on the system "1 purchase = 1 point".
Each purchase of the concerned products by the offer, the buyer will automatically receive 1 point on his personal loyalty account.
No gifts validation during the 7 days following the release of a product.

The buyer has the opportunity to see the balance at any time once connected in his personal space "My Account".
After 6 points accumulated, the buyer has the opportunity to exchange 6 points against a product of choice offered in the corresponding section.

In case of suspicion of fraudulent action, Ride-Control reserves the right to remove without notice points and/or suspend the account of the buyer concerned.

VI- Account and personal datas

The account and personal datas are stored privately and used exclusively on "".
Subject to the protection and modify personal datas, they can be deleted or modified on request to < >
The deletion of the account by the user permanently deletes all datas.
Codes entitling a gift are valid for 30 consecutive days from the day they were sent.
If the code has not been used at day 30 it will be lost with the points used to obtain it.

- Last Update : 16/03/2017 -